Hey Boo Boo! How about a honey bun!

Today I went out to eat with our whole staff at the station and got to spend some time hanging out with everybody. Well one of our tech guys was telling me about this trip he took out to Montana. He got to see a demonstration that involved bears and honey buns. They would take a variety of foods and put it in a trash can, and in the center of it they would put a couple honey buns. He told me that they would release some bears and they would dig through this trash and leave all the other food and get the honey buns out and eat them. Yes, I know it’s amazing but this is not why I am telling you this story. During the time he was telling me this story my mind wondered off after realizing where he was going with it and knowing the whole point was that bears like honey buns. You ask “Where did your mind wonder off to J.R.?” I just pictured this honey bun factory that has all of these heavily armed guards standing on top of the factory constantly having to hold off all of these bears trying to get into the factory. Workers have like these specially made vehicles like something you see in Batman or a zombie movie where they have to drive through all of these zombies, just so they can get through all the bears trying to get in. Man this would be a great movie. I can see the title now “How Stella Got Her Groove Back 3”.


~ by jayarelinkous on April 10, 2008.

One Response to “Hey Boo Boo! How about a honey bun!”

  1. Hey JR. How about a new post!

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