To Late To Apologize

•May 9, 2008 • Leave a Comment

I just want to say sorry!! Sorry I have not updated in forever.  Yes, I am lazy when it come to updating this thing, to be honest I almost see it as a waste of time but it’s just so darn neat that I must go on.  So now that I got that apology out of the way, let’s get down to business.  So we are in share-a-thon right now at the station and I am unable to do anything else during the evening so that sucks.  For those of you who don’t know what Share-a-thon is…..well I really don’t want to get into it on here so just email me and you can get the low down, but just know that it is like anything else, you have some good and you have some bad.  Sometimes it blows my mind how people think they know who God is and how people love to give the appearance of being an all God knowing person.  I wish the area I lived in was different, I wish I could tell you that people get who God is in the Bible Belt but I think that they have missed it completely.  From what I have seen growing  up, I know we don’t get it.  First of all no one bothers to question anything anyone preaches or teaches.  If I had a church in this area and began preaching about how God only likes “good ole’timey music” and that your going to hell if your a man with long hair, I would have a crowd come to my church.   Is that not ridiculous!  These  people have been raised this way and to believe these ideas without questioning it.   The most ridiculous belief of them all is King James only!  Can you believe this, I mean people think that the King James version of the Bible is the only one.  Not the original, the King James version.  I might as well pull out my crazy mormon goggles I got from Joseph Smith and join them if I am going to believe King James only.

Jesus was questioned like crazy throughout the scriptures and I believe that it is completely ok to question everything you are taught.  If it is truth it will stand up to any question.  If I did not question my beliefs I would never have seen the errors in what I believed as a young Christian.  So please, hillbillies of the world, question that preacher when he says that to show your faith you gotta put a rattle snake down your pants and gargle bleach while on fire.


Blog Accountability and Passion 08 Atlanta

•April 16, 2008 • 3 Comments

Since Matt Stanley is holding me accountable to my blogging(thanks Matt) here ya go.  I have been meaning to make a post anyways, since I did just go to Passion Atlanta this past weekend.   As always Passion is simply amazing. All across the board they get it right.  Passion is the one conference that I would suggest everyone go to at least once before they die.  To get a glimpse of it check out the intro they did with this amazing rocking version of Bittersweet Symphony with a full orchestra and band, someone posted it on youtube.  Instead of going into the details of any of the music or the messages I would suggest you download the album God of The City from itunes and the messages when they make them available.  I could never do the conference justice with my words that’s for sure.  I will say this though, the song God of the City was amazing and even more so after you hear the story behind it.  I will give you the short version.  This band that opened up for Tomlin in Ireland are the ones that wrote the song.  They said the song just came to them during a very amazing moment.  They went on a mission trip to…. I believe it was Thailand(Saget is from there) anyways, the place they were at was like this horrible place full of prostitution and they said like 80% of the women there are prostitutes.  Anyways the whole point is that this place was awful, and they were asked to preform at a brothel as long as people were buying drinks. So the group decides to preform while the rest of them buy drinks so they can keep playing worship songs.  They said at some point this song just happened, and they just wrote it right on the spot in this brothel.  When you hear the song, it will give you chills and especially after knowing the story.   The one thing that stands out at Passion above the production, worship, and speaking is the heart of the people behind it.  These people truly do not want to be noticed and they truly want it to be about God and not about anything else.  I pray that Passion is the direction that all churches are heading.  A heart and desire to make Jesus famous and not ourselves.

Hey Boo Boo! How about a honey bun!

•April 10, 2008 • 1 Comment

Today I went out to eat with our whole staff at the station and got to spend some time hanging out with everybody. Well one of our tech guys was telling me about this trip he took out to Montana. He got to see a demonstration that involved bears and honey buns. They would take a variety of foods and put it in a trash can, and in the center of it they would put a couple honey buns. He told me that they would release some bears and they would dig through this trash and leave all the other food and get the honey buns out and eat them. Yes, I know it’s amazing but this is not why I am telling you this story. During the time he was telling me this story my mind wondered off after realizing where he was going with it and knowing the whole point was that bears like honey buns. You ask “Where did your mind wonder off to J.R.?” I just pictured this honey bun factory that has all of these heavily armed guards standing on top of the factory constantly having to hold off all of these bears trying to get into the factory. Workers have like these specially made vehicles like something you see in Batman or a zombie movie where they have to drive through all of these zombies, just so they can get through all the bears trying to get in. Man this would be a great movie. I can see the title now “How Stella Got Her Groove Back 3”.

Einstein & Ben Stein

•April 6, 2008 • 1 Comment

It is 6:35am and you might be wondering why is J.R. up this early on a Sunday morning. Well, its not because I need to be at church that early, it’s because I now live by the Einstein sleeping schedule.  It’s also called pollynapping.  Now you might say “J.R. what the crap is this crazy thing called pollynapping”.  Well basically what it comes to is I sleep for four hours and I am awake for four hours.  Now I know you are wondering what I do during work, well I don’t sleep it just really sucks and I fight to stay awake as if my life depended on it.  I did not  choose to sleep this way, it chose me(a little summin for the Calvinist reading this).  Anyways, we had a lock-in a few weeks ago and they always kill my sleeping schedule and my body has become adjusted to this pollynapping deal.  Supposedly it will make you smarter like Einstein, but I really don’t know yet, maybe I should try and build an atom bomb in my basement and see what happens.

On another note, we are promoting the movie Expelled at the station and I am very excited about this movie coming out.  First off here is the trailer:

My boss had a meeting with Ben Stein and several other broadcasters the other day via online and he told me it was insane how much flak this movie is getting from the atheist community.  Now I will be the first to say I don’t have a problem with atheist I just wish they would not be so anal about it(that’s for you Tim). Anyways, I think they are scared, very scared.  Here is what I do not understand, why are they always on the defensive.  I think everyone should be told about both ends and then left to decide for them self but from what I have seen of the atheist community it seems like they want to get to a point to where it’s illegal to even discuss the issue.  In my own words here is what it boils down to, you either believe God has always been, or you believe some chemicals have always been.  Believe either way you want but I find it hard to believe a bunch of burrito farts floating in space created the brain of J.R. Linkous(way to complex)!

Take Two

•April 3, 2008 • 3 Comments

Ok, so here’s the deal. My friend Tim “the nerd that constantly blogs” Lemons and my other friend Matt “the nerd that loves Battle Star Galactica and has some kind of obsession with Starship Troopers” Stanley both have blogs and for some strange reason I find myself reading them all the time.  I don’t know what it is, I guess it’s because they are both great friends that I never see due to the devil state I call Texas that takes all my friends from me.  No really that is Texas’ slogan now, “We take your friends from you!”.  Anyways, here I am with my first post.  I can only hope to be as consistent as Tim, as witty as Matt, and as humors as a monkey throwing crap.  I am going to keep this post short and just let it be a hopeful beginning of a very long blog that will be sure to entertain, enlighten, energize, evangelize, and make you happy!